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SMIK Slab V2

SMIK Slab V2

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Just like the new Wing Slabs, the Slabs have also evolved to be more efficient, with earlier lift and reduced drag thanks to the all-new compact and aerodynamic shapes.

Refined rails, shorter rocker kickers and the longer lengths compared to the wing foil models make these Slab boards the perfect all-rounders, from SUP foil to accessible wing foil boards.

Shape Information

The outline keeps its width in the nose and tail while the new hipped pintail allows to preserve area at the back foot before pulling in.

The wingers on the previous incarnations would sometimes catch as you would ride lower to the water in tight turns to keep foil tips from breaching and cavitating, but that's now a thing of the past. Chined rails have also been refined to reduce drag.

Kicker in the rocker is maintained as it certainly helps to reduce water catching, but has been shortened to increase the flat in the rocker to enhance early lift off.

Various footstrap positions allow for a balanced stance while paddling, setting your feet up for perfect positioning when paddling into a wave.

Sizes and Volumes

6'0 x 29" - 116 L

6'3 x 29.5" - 121 L

6'6 x 30" - 126 L

6'9 x 32" - 143 L


3 x footstraps and screws


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  • Construction

    The Slabs are available in Full Wood Glass and Biax Carbon PVC constructions. Both technologies use a combination of fiberglass, wood and carbon fibers, wrapped around a lightweight EPS core.

  • Details

    All boards feature EVA deck pads for comfort and grip. The SMIK carry handle is ergonomic and comfortable, for an easy and balanced walk down to the beach. All inserts are reinforced to prevent rip-outs.

  • Customs

    If you're in between sizes, wanting something specific or simply looking to customize the graphics of your board, we offer the unique possibility to create the board of your dreams.