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SMIK Wing Ding V3

SMIK Wing Ding V3

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The new Wing Dings V3 are refining what were already the superior surf wing on the market by offering more control and efficiency, increasing the already massive wind range in the process.

These new, lightweight wings match the stiffness and tensions of the big ticket brands whilst actually surpassing them in handling and performance, with a supreme balance of power which doesn't shift as they power up.

They feature new interchangeable semi-rigid wide handles that cover the broadest range of conditions, but can be swapped for fully-rigid composite handles which are a joy in the optimal wind range.

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Visually, the horizontally-cut panels of the canopy are an obvious change. They enable to maintain an extremely tight skin tension in the forward two-thirds, while allowing the leach to breathe.

Pumping up onto the foil in marginal conditions is ridiculously efficient as a result, driving forward and upwind. The power zone doesn't shift as it powers up, meaning less back hand pressure as you get over-powered.

Shaping and tension also provide lift and drive through maneuvers, helping you to power through tacks and boost big airs without struts folding in half, for greater air time.

Softer trailing edges, combined with skin tension and tip angles translate into phenomenal control.

A polarizing feature on the previous incarnations, the handles have been upgraded to new interchangeable semi-rigid wide handles that cover the broadest range of conditions. Slight arm movement allows the wing to self trim and adjust to gusts.

Wind Range

3.0m²: 22 - 35+ knots

3.5m²: 18 - 30 knots

4.0m²: 12 - 25 knots

5.0m²: 10 - 25 knots

6.0m²: 8 - 20 knots

7.0m²: 6 - 15 knots


Backpack for easy transportation

Semi-rigid interchangeable handles

Woven wrist leash

Repair kit


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  • Construction

    The Wing Dings use T9600 from Technoforce for the canopy. The struts are built in Dimension Polyant from Germany, with ultrasonic-welded PU valves.

  • Details

    Double air valves allow for super rapid inflation and deflation. Tips are reinforced against abrasions. Front handle features a neoprene scuff for comfort when surfing.

  • Accessories

    The Wing Dings come with a comfortable backpack that's big enough to fit your wing, pump and other accessories, for an easy walk to the beach.

SMIK Wing Ding V3 Composite Handles

The fully-rigid composite handles offer control in moves and a direct and responsive feeling which is unrivaled. A lovely sensation, thus provided as an option for those that prefer this feel.

Accidents happen. Replace damaged bladders here: