We're all different, which is why we offer the unique possibility to create the exact shape, design and color combination that you desire.

With custom ordering there’s a multitude of options which can cover a wide style of surfing or experiences. We can build anything you think of, or start from our proven shape concepts:

  • High-performance shortboards for a variety of conditions
  • Retro and modern twin fin designs
  • Longboard shapes offering a stylish yet radical experience
  • Drawn out gun shapes to handle larger surf

All designs can be altered while maintaining their principals to suit different sizes, levels and aspirations.

Board graphics can also be personalized to be pretty much anything you want them to be, as you can see below.

Varying constructions, with different strength to weight ratios are available:

  • Full Wood Glass

    Our Full Wood Glass construction uses a full wood deck, with additional wood reinforcement in the standing area, and fiberglass stringers for boards that feel crispy and light under foot.

  • Parabolic Carbon PVC

    Using a full PVC sandwich construction, the Parabolic Carbon PVC features a combination of biaxal carbon, fiberglass and wood laminates for a board that will stand the test of time.

  • Biax Carbon PVC

    Biax Carbon PVC is our lightest and strongest technology available, with the use of a full biaxial carbon deck to inject energy and reflex into the board. From weight to strength, it is unrivaled.

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To get started on the board of your dreams, get in touch with us using the link below: