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SMIK Wing Ding V2

SMIK Wing Ding V2

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Version one of the SMIK Wing Ding was one of the best, most controllable wing on the market of that time, according to numerous peer reviews, magazine tests and feedback.

Numerous design elements are coming together on this new and improved V2 to produce a powerful yet maneuverable all-round wing with a huge wind range due to efficiency in pumping up onto the foil and control when overpowered.

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With this V2, we've improved on a couple of elements.

Canopy tension: The whole wing now maintains its shape when de-powered with almost zero flutter through the whole canopy. Thus, the reaction time from de powering to sheeting on is almost instantaneous. With incredible stability when in the neutral position when either riding a downwind or surfing holding onto the front handle.

Strut stiffness: As the wing powers up or when hit by a gust there’s less strut flex enhancing acceleration control and power, with a much more precise feel. When jumping this is even further evident with the wing not folding in half, aiding hang time and lift.

Tip angles: They're critical in terms of how the wing reacts while surfing, keeping the wing flying true, being able to actually lean and drive off the wing on your backhand and avoid any annoying movements or flipping.

Rigid handles: They convert rig tensions directly through your hands. There’s no point having a tight leach and rigid struts with the direct connection to that efficiency lost through sloppy handles. When you pump the wing, the transition of power from the wings leech creates direct drive to your foil thus, instantaneous lift.

A crisp, direct feel which will be unrivaled.

Wind Range

3.0m²: 25 - 35+ knots

3.5m²: 20 - 30 knots

4.0m²: 15 - 25 knots

5.0m²: 12 - 25 knots

6.0m²: 10 - 20 knots

7.0m²: 7 - 15 knots


Backpack for easy transportation

Woven wrist leash

Repair kit


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  • Construction

    The Wing Dings use T9600 from Technoforce for the canopy. The struts are built in Dimension Polyant from Germany, with ultrasonic-welded PU valves.

  • Details

    Double air valves, placed on either side of the center strut, allow for super rapid inflation and deflation. Tips are reinforced against abrasions.

  • Accessories

    The Wing Dings come with a comfortable backpack that's big enough to fit your wing, pump and other accessories, for an easy walk to the beach.

Accidents happen. Replace damaged bladders here: