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SMIK Wing Ding V4

SMIK Wing Ding V4

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Building on the success of the V3, the fourth generation SMIK Wings introduce new geometry and materials to further enhance efficiency, while ensuring shape retention and performance further into their lifespan: improved handling, superior control and higher top speeds, for longer.

More Information

The canopy now uses a heavier grade Code-Tec 95P fabric for a crisp and responsive feeling, while better holding its shape when over-powered, and proving much more durable with zero stretch over its lifespan.

The colored part near the leading edge keeps the original Code-Tec 55P fabric to allow the wing to breathe when pumping up onto the foil.

To counter-balance the added weight of the canopy, the leading edge adopts the Code-Tec 155P fabric, which is 20 grams per meter lighter than the fabric used on the previous generation wings. This new material also has better tear and strength with a double ripstop pattern that is UV-coated: stronger, lighter, and more durable.

Being the backbone of the wing where the power transfers to the rider, we opted for a slightly heavier material for the strut than the leading edge. With a similar weight to the fabric used on the V3, the new DKC160 Dacron used on these V4 is more durable thanks to the new ripstop pattern.

By moving the weight distribution from the leading edge to the canopy, we achieve a more stable, balanced and reactive wing that is also more durable, with a far superior lifespan.

And thanks to the new Code-Tec materials, this is possible without the use of hyped exotic fabrics that would otherwise double the price of the wing.

Wind Range

3.0m²: 20 - 35+ knots

3.5m²: 18 - 30 knots

4.0m²: 15 - 25 knots

4.5m²: 12 - 25 knots

5.0m²: 10 - 25 knots

6.0m²: 8 - 20 knots

7.0m²: 5 - 15 knots


Backpack for easy transportation

Interchangeable handles

Woven wrist leash

Repair kit


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Panel Orientation

The new panel orientation and alignment of fibers in the canopy and at key strut connection stress points combine to help the wing retain its shape, both in the moment and over time, reducing fabric stretching.

Reduced Profile

What could have been lost in power from the profile reduction has been replaced with efficiency in pumping, which aids in getting up on the foil in marginal conditions thanks to a quicker engagement of power. Top speed and pointing ability are also improved as a result of the flatter profile.

Interchangeable Composite Handles

The V4 wings are supplied with fully rigid carbon handles for control in their optimal wind range, with the option to switch them out aftermarket for the semi-rigid handles when conditions get nuclear or super gusty.

Flight Characteristics

Being one of the first brands to figure out skin tension, SMIK has taken this further with this fourth generation of wings, figuring out the combination of canopy tension combined with a looser leech. The paradox created is that of “tension that breathes”; providing a rigid, crisp sensation, whilst also being super-efficient to pump up onto the foil.

Once up on the foil, what's noticeable is the lack of strain through the arms due to the efficiency of the flatter profile.

When the wing loads up in stronger winds, the drive moves forward, locking the power to the front without creating back-hand pressure. This equates to improved control and drive upwind.

It's a super balanced feeling between the hands throughout its increased wind range.

Handling when in neutral above the head in tacks and jibes, or thrown back in the surf, is exactly that: neutral. It follows automatically with minimal movement or reaction to sharp redirections, allowing you to focus on surfing.

  • Construction

    The fourth generation wings use new high-performance Code-Tec fabrics which boasts low stretch, high tear strength and the ability to withstand repeated furls.

  • Details

    Double air valves allow for super rapid inflation and deflation. Tips are reinforced against abrasions. Front handle features a neoprene scuff for comfort when surfing.

  • Accessories

    The Wing Dings come with a comfortable and ergonomic backpack that's big enough to fit your wing, pump and other accessories, for an easy walk to the beach.

SMIK Wing Ding V4 Semi-Rigid Handles

The fourth generation SMIK Wing Ding are supplied with rigid carbon handles but can be swapped for semi-rigid handles for more comfort in nuclear or gusty winds.