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SMIK Spitfoil

SMIK Spitfoil

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SMIK Foils aim to be simple, affordable yet high-performance.

Composite front wing and stab wing attach to an aluminum fuselage and mast, for an excellent weight-to-stiffness ratio. Well balanced while still being maneuverable laterally.

Performance at a fraction of the cost of the more expensive carbon models, making it the ideal setup for beginning and intermediate foilers.

More Information

The 1700 (projected area) front wing is a perfect entry-level wing, that also works well in light wind conditions and downwinders.

It's a mid-aspect wing profile, with relatively little V for more stability.

The 1350 (projected area) front wing is suited to more advanced foilers, or lighter riders.

It is also more surf-orientated, with a dihedral V, promoting tight turning with minimum effort while also creating control at high speeds. Loose but with drive.

Sizing Information

Top Plate: Double US rails aluminum

Mast: 75 cm aluminum

Fuselage: 65 cm aluminum

Stab Wing: 250 cm² composite

Front Wing: 1700 / 1350 cm² composite


- Front Wing & Stab Wing

- Fuselage

- Mast

- Top Plate

- M8 Screws


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