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SMIK Flying Fish Hybrid

SMIK Flying Fish Hybrid

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Like their name sake, the “Flying Fish” glides effortlessly above the water with grace after having jumped out of the water with ease to escape predators.

In a rapidly changing landscape where downwind board shapes have been evolving at a dramatic pace, the SMIK downwind boards are synonym of ultimate efficiency in generating release from the water and control when on the foil, with a superior construction.

Our range is divided into two categories, which share the same design principles.

On one side, shorter and more maneuverable shapes which can be used for regular downwinders but also light-wind wingfoiling or SUP foil: 6'9, 6'10, 7'1 and 7'3.

And on the flip side, longer and narrower shapes with ample glide for pure downwinding: 7'6 all the way up to 8'6.

In terms of lines, there’s nothing that looks this sleek, with performance to match its looks.

Shape Information

Narrow under waterline allows the corking take off to come into effect, while over on the deck, the super sleek nose, parallel mid-section and hip at the tail provide amazing speed and stability considering the narrow widths.

Over to the bottom shape, the semi-displacement nose with chines offers incredible efficiency, skimming the board back up on touchdowns. In conjunction with the narrow tail, this enables effective porpoising. The long flat from nose to tail allows to create the initial paddle speed before rocking up on the foil with the aid of the smallest of bumps.

Rockerline is a low entry, with a smooth and continuous rocker without flat spots.

Sizes and Volumes



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  • Construction

    The Flying Fish are available in Full Wood Glass, Full Wood Carbon and Biax Carbon PVC constructions. They use a combination of fiberglass, wood and carbon fibers, wrapped around a lightweight EPS core.

  • Details

    All boards feature EVA deck pads for comfort and grip. The Flying Fish boards do not have a carry handle. All inserts are reinforced to prevent rip-outs and the foil boxes are made in solid PVC blocks.

  • Customs

    If you're in between sizes, wanting something specific or simply looking to customize the graphics of your board, we offer the unique possibility to create the board of your dreams.