NEW SMIK Wing Ding V4

NEW SMIK Wing Ding V4

Following the extremely well-received Wing Ding V3, Scott McKercher somehow managed to further improve handling, control and speed thanks to a combination of new materials and design elements which allow these fourth generation wings to maintain their upgraded performance traits further into their lifespan.

They are available in Europe in three colors, and a total of 7 sizes, from 3.0m² to 7.0m², including a new 4.5m² size.

Now into their fourth iteration, the SMIK Wing Dings have undergone multiple refinements in terms of geometry and materials. Let's have a quick look through these materials upgrades:

  1. Heavier canopy fabric for a crisp feeling and zero stretch over its lifespan.
  2. Slightly lighter leading edge with double rip-stop pattern to offset the heavier canopy.
  3. Upgraded strut material with new rip-stop pattern for a durable and efficient backbone.

As a result, the weight distribution has moved from the leading edge to the canopy, achieving a more stable and reactive wing, that is also more durable thanks to the new materials.

The overall profile of the wing has also been reduced; but has been replaced by a new efficiency in pumping, with a quicker engagement of power as you get up on the foil and a crispy feeling between your hands. This creates less strain in the arms when the wing loads up, while improving the top speed and upwind capacity of the wing.

Although dubbed as the 'ultimate surf wing', the SMIK V4 will give most racing wings a good run for their money.

The new SMIK Wings V4 still feature interchangeable handles, but this time in reverse: they are supplied with the rigid carbon handles for optimum control in their wind range, with the aftermarket option to purchase the semi-rigid webbing handles for additional comfort in gusty, nuclear winds.


 More information and all your need to order is here.

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