NEW SMIK Wing Ding V3

NEW SMIK Wing Ding V3

Wing development continues to evolve rapidly and SMIK has followed suit with the new Wing Ding V3.

Released a few months ago in Australia, these ultra-responsive, lightweight, all-round wings will be available next month in Europe.

Wing Ding V3 Blue Action Scott McKercher

The previous Wing Ding incarnations already had phenomenal control and maneuverability due to skin tension and tip angles and the new V3 are refining that even further, increasing its wind range, control and power.

Let's have a look at the main upgrades:

The horizontal cut panels are the most visibly obvious change to the canopy. Skin tension has been achieved differently: it is still extremely tight in the forward two thirds but allows for the leach to breathe without flapping.

SMIK Wing Ding V3 Orange

The result is a supreme balance of power which doesn't shift as the wing powers up, providing drive, pumping efficiency in light conditions and control in stronger breezes, for a truly massive wind range.

Shaping, stiffness and skin tension also provide lift, helping you to drive through tacks and boost big airs without the struts folding in half, which translates into greater hang times and control in tricks.

Still no windows as it didn't really improve visibility, but instead created imbalances in the canopy.

A polarizing feature of the previous incarnations, the handles have been replaced by interchangeable, semi-rigid long handles to cover the broadest range of conditions. However, these can be swapped out by fully-rigid composite handles to enjoy a lovely direct feeling in steady winds.

Wing Ding V3 Interchangeable Handles

The result is a lightweight all-round wing matching the power, stiffness and tensions of the big ticket brands whilst actually surpassing them in handling and overall performance, without the premium price tag.


3.0 m² | 3.5 m² | 4.0 m² | 5.0 m² | 6.0 m² | 7.0 m²


Price-wise, the 3.0 m² will retail for 750€, with 50€ increments per square meter, all the way to 950€ for the 7.0m². The composite handles are compatible with all wing sizes, and will retail for 75€. Quantities will be limited and stock isn't expected to last so if you would like to reserve one, get in touch with us!




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Hi, I would like to try out th e smik wing V3. I live in hamburg, germany. Can you offer a possibility for me? Best regards, Markus

markus millies

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