NEW SMIK Wing Slabs V2

NEW SMIK Wing Slabs V2

Updates on the horizon with the arrival of the new SMIK Wing Slabs for Christmas.

In the rapidly evolving times of wingboard development, the SMIK wing boards have evolved once more to promote early lift with minimal drag.


Let's have a look at the main changes of this new V2:

Nose volume has been reduced to enhance reactivity, while being more aerodynamic.

The outline keeps its width in the nose and tail whilst maintaining that aesthetically pleasing surf-style look. The new hipped pintail allows to preserve area at the back foot, whilst combining with the bottom shape of the chine, pulling in behind the back foot.

Wing Foil Slab Water Flying

The wingers on the previous incarnations would sometimes catch and slow you down as you would ride lower, closer to the water in tight turns to keep foil tips from breaching and cavitating, but that's now a thing of the past.

Chined rails have also been refined to reduce drag when coming in contact with the water, whether during take-off or flight.

Kicker in the rocker is maintained as it certainly helps to reduce water catching, but has been shortened to increase the flat in the rocker to enhance early lift off.

Wing Foil Side Profile Full Wood Glass 2023

Other upgrades include markings on the foil track to help you remember the position your foil from session to session.

These will be available in two constructions: Full Wood Glass technology, shown here, which we'll carry in stock in Europe, as well as the Biax Carbon PVC construction, which will be available on pre-order.

And in the following sizes:

  • 4'6 x 23.5" - 52 L
  • 4'8 x 24.5" - 63 L
  • 5'0 x 25.5" - 75 L
  • 5'3 x 27" - 84 L
  • 5'6 x 28.5" - 93 L
  • 5'8 x 29" - 109 L
    Iballa Moreno Twins SMIK Wing Foil Slab 2023


    We're excited to receive these new shapes for Christmas so get in touch with us if you'd like to reserve one now.




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