NEW SMIK Hipster Twin Pin

NEW SMIK Hipster Twin Pin

Released a couple of months ago in Australia, the SMIK Hipster Twin Pin has been the talk of the town lately, and for good reason.

The Hipster Twin Pin is a board which is easy to ride and rip on in small, fun waves but is also well adept to waves of consequence.

Iballa Moreno Hipster Twin Pin Lifestyle

The biggest point needing to be made is that we're not replacing the beloved Hipster Twin, but rather adding a new model to the Hipster Twin range.

Often emulated, never surpassed. The Hipster Twin's unique combination of outline curve, rocker and 2+1 fin configuration is a truly unique design which blends ease of use, agility and speed. Nothing can replace the Hipster Twin's combination of speed and acceleration created by the straightness in the swallow tail outline, which is why it's not going anywhere.

After considerable testing however, we've found the Hipster Twin Pin to work better in bigger, better waves for the more advanced surfer.

Scott McKercher Hipster Twin Pin Action Surf

The pin tail may be a small subtle difference compared to the swallow tail, but it makes a massive contrast in feel: it allows to drive more vertically up the face of the wave, with an easier pivot at the top, rolling on the curves of the pin tail. Rail-to-rail transitions are also smoother, allowing you to really go hit that lip.

The Hipster Twin Pin will sit in the hollower part of the wave a bit better too, so that you can get in the barrel with (more) ease, contain speed when needed and accelerate towards the exit.

Scott McKercher Hipster Pin Indonesia SUP

Despite these differences, the Hipster Twin and the Hipster Twin Pin share the same dimensions and volume, although the volume isn't distributed the same:

7'8 x 28" - 98 L | 7'10 x 29.5" - 109 L | 8'0 x 30.5" - 118L | 8'3 x 31" - 123L

8'6 x 31.5" - 134L | 8'10 x 32" - 145L | 9'3 x 33" - 153L

They will be available in Europe in Full Wood Glass, Parabolic Carbon PVC and Biax Carbon PVC constructions.

We are excited to be receiving these new Hipster Twin Pin boards soon, so please get in touch with us if you'd like to reserve one.

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